Paul Morgan Architects


Paul Morgan Architects is a dedicated team of architects with extensive experience in master planning, urban design and feasibility studies, as well as the design of University TAFE, health, residential, school and municipal projects.



The practice has been published in over 200 local and global monographs, journals and websites. Publishers include Phaidon, Domus, Metropolis, Mark Magazine, Thames and Hudson, Uro Publications, Gestalten and Cambridge University Press.


RMIT School of Computer Science & I.T. Syndicate Rooms

“A pleasurable realm, with sci-fi associations, but still lending a new sense of occasion and significance to laboratory surroundings”

Conrad Hamann, ‘Invasion of the Pods’, Architecture Australia, Vol 94, No. 2, March/April 2005


SIAL Sound Studio RMIT

“Now Paul Morgan’s own office packs the movement, the monumentalising force, into distinct but self-contained objects that carry the kinetics, the energy, in themselves. This might be called an order of movement”

Conrad Hamann, ‘Invasion of the Pods’, Architecture Australia, Vol 94, No. 2, March/April 2005


“This sound research laboratory for RMIT’s School of Architecture and Design includes a one-of-a-kind sound-proof studio pod, made from a floating concrete seismic slab and double-steel skin”

Curated by Shumon Basar, Mercedes Daguerre, Luis Fernández-Galiano, Bart Goldhoorn, 10 x 10 / 3, Phaidon Press Limited Publishing, 2009


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Box Hill TAFE Building Barn

“The simple, explicit tectonics of the trade facility are animated by careful planning and composition"

Peter Bickle, ‘Work Barn’, Architecture Australia, Vol 96, No. 4, July/ August 2007

Curated by Shumon Basar, Mercedes Daguerre, Luis Fernández-Galiano, Bart Goldhoorn, 10 x 10 / 3, Phaidon Press Limited Publishing, 2009


Centre for Neural Engineering


Cape Schanck House


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Curated by Shumon Basar, Mercedes Daguerre, Luis Fernández-Galiano, Bart Goldhoorn, 10 x 10 / 3, Phaidon Press Limited Publishing, 2009


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South Melbourne Market Roof


“The result is undeniably strong. PMA’s South Melbourne Market Roof, with its formal clarity and economic structure, continues the very rich expressive formalism and contextual dialogue for which Melbourne Architecture is known”

Anna Johnson, ‘South Melbourne Market’, Architecture Australia, Vol 102, No. 3, May/June 2013.


Avenel House


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GippsTAFE Leongatha Learning Centre

“Conscious of its location on what was once farming land, one of the starting points for Morgan's design was the simple tin shed. The Gipps TAFE is fully clad in steel, but instead of rectilinear walls and a barn door, this building, federally funded, appears like origami…”

Stephen Crafti, ‘Radical view of the old tin shed’, The Age, Melbourne, July 20, 2011


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Chisholm Institute Automotive & Logistics Centre


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Monash University Building 40 Workshops


“Building 40 has no iconic pretensions but is no less architecturally ambitious. It is a thoughtful, clever project. …robust and practical to the point of bluntness. Building 40 provides a locus for design, where one typically imagines only pragmatism.”

Tania Davidge, ‘Building 40 Workshop Monash University’, Architectural Review Asia Pacific, AR 136, Aug/Sept 2014.


The Trunk House


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